Electric Mobility Experiment Set

The Electric Mobility Experiment Set lets students experiment with tomorrow’s sustainable transport solutions. Measure the superior energy density and power of the super capacitor. Compare different kinds of fuel cell technology, all of which convert elements into electrical energy: the direct ethanol fuel cell, the salt water fuel cell and two types of micro-PEM fuel cells that exploit the energy efficiency of hydrogen fuel stored in the HYDROSTIK PRO metal hydride cartridge. Plus, you can demonstrate the power of sunlight with the solar panel and generate electricity with the hand crank.


  • 6 different models can be built with one chassis
  • Examines the strengths and weaknesses of each solution
  • Compatible with all other Horizon kits, for measurement, data logging etc.
  • Includes fixed steering function at front of the vehicle

Experiments & Activities

  1. Power a car with a hydrogen fuel cell (reversible and mini fuel cell)
  2. Power a car with a salt water fuel cell
  3. Power a car with solar energy
  4. Power a car with a super capacitor and hand crank
  5. Power a car with different forms of hydrogen (hydrogen gas and hydrogen hydride)
  6. Power a car with a battery

Concepts covered

Chemistry Concepts

  • Electrochemistry, Electrolysis, Energy, Hydrogen Generation, Reaction Rates, Reactions, Redox Reactions, Solution Concentration

Physics Concepts

  • Capacitors, Classical Mechanics, Current/Voltage, Electric Charge, Electric Circuits, Energy, Generators, Ohm’s Law, Parallel Circuits, Power (Electric), Series Circuits

Earth Science Concepts

  • Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Human Impacts

Kit content

  • Reversible fuel cell
  • Hand crank generator
  • Salt water fuel cell
  • Mini fuel cell
  • Battery pack
  • Solar panel
  • Super capacitor
  • HYDROSTIK PRO pressure regulator
  • Solar panel support
  • U fixator for HYDROSTIK PRO
  • Fuel solution container
  • Water & hydrogen tank
  • Water & oxygen tank
  • Clamp
  • Wires
  • Syringe
  • Silicon tubes
  • Red and black pins
  • Purging valve


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