Cubetto Robot

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Meet Cubetto, an educational robot that looks just like a cute wooden toy, designed for children from nursery age. With Cubetto, children aged 3 and up will learn about the main principles of programming in the Montessori way!


Cubetto is a smiling wooden robot that can navigate your way through any adventure with your help. Lay out the map on a flat surface, place the robot at the starting point, and program its movements on the map using 16 function blocks and an interface board.

Function blocks are the functions of the programming language that the robot understands. Each block is a specific instruction that is easy to understand and combine into a set of actions for a wooden robot.

  • Green – move forward.
  • Yellow – turn left.
  • Red – turn right.
  • Blue – function.

How can the Cubetto robot be used?

  • To teach colors.
  • Teach where is left and right.
  • Teach traffic rules.
  • Program robot to draw.
  • Program robot to write numbers and letters.
  • Play a fairy tale with a Cubetto robot.

The only limit to using a robot is your and your children’s imagination. Let your fantasies fly!

What’s Included:

Each Cubetto set comes with all the pieces you need to get started right out of the box:

  • 1 x Cubetto Robot
  • 1 x Interface Board
  • 16 x Coding Blocks
  • 1 x World Map
  • 1 x Story Book


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