315,60  sis. KM

The //control.Node powers and controls peripherals in our STEM Kits and the PASCObot.


1x //control.Node
1x USB Charging Cable

The //control.Node provides power to and controls STEM kit peripherals like lights, fans, pumps, stepper motors, servo motors, and a growing line of other accessories.

Built-in Features

  • Two Power Output Channels for Stepper Motors and Power Output Board
  • Two Servo Ports for Regular Servos and Continuous Rotation Servos
  • Accelerometer
  • Speaker
  • Sensor Port
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Bluetooth BLE Communication
  • USB Port for Charging and Communication
  • Two 6-32 Threaded Holes for Mounting

Designed for use with

What’s Included

1x //control.Node
1x USB Charging Cable

Product Video


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