Biology Extension Lab Station

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Includes the three complementary wireless sensors and an EcoChamber to the Biology Starter Lab Station.

The Biology Extension Lab Station includes 3 wireless sensors and an EcoChamber that complement the set of sensors found in the Biology Starter Lab Station (EB-6335). Together, the sensors from the Biology Starter and Extension Lab Stations comprise the sensors needed to perform many of the lab investigations inside PASCO’s Essential Biology and Advanced Biology Through Inquiry lab manuals. A storage slot for each sensor in the Biology Extension Lab Station is available in the Gratnells storage tray that comes with the Biology Starter Lab Station.


  • Storage tray and custom insert provided with Starter Lab Station
  • Record data wirelessly without the hassle of tangled cables
  • Includes digital access to a wide range of lab activities
  • Includes video and other lab resources for at-home and distance learning lab activities

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