3D science

Roqed Science is software designed for the learning process that teachers can use to explain different topics to their students using 3D models, as well as create a variety of presentations, virtual labs and questions.

High-quality visual and interactive software created for the learning process, in which it is possible to study various LTT topics through 3D models.
There are currently accurate 3D models in 9 subjects, such as biology, chemistry, mechanics, zoology, botany, earth science, paleontology, anatomy and microbiology.
There are many 3D models in the software – over 800.

Roqed functionalities :

  • Full control over the 3D model, thanks to interactive tools
    • Models can be controlled via an interactive touch screen panel or a computer mouse
  • Being in author mode, you can create and present animated presentations
    • Can be stored on a local computer or in the cloud
  • Scientific terminology and encyclopedia are integrated into the software database
  • Possibility to evaluate students in the software
  • Roqed research software with terminology and description is integrated into the software database
  • Learning content available in 16 languages, including Russian, Estonian and English
  • Possibility to create test questions

Benefits for students :

  • Assembly and disassembly of objects and their components
  • Performing virtual laboratory work
  • Ability to zoom in on objects to see better details
  • Moving components in the work area
  • The models rotate 360 degrees
  • Tracking processes with animations

Benefits for teachers :

  • Possibility to create lecture slides and simulations
  • Opportunity to create questions for students
  • Creating presentations
  • Possibility of sharing with software – possibility to receive students’ answers directly

The software can be run on a computer running MS Windows (teacher license only, student license only available in the mobile version), Android / iOS smart data and the Roqed smartboard.

ROQED 3D Software DEMO version:

Try ROQED 3D Software absolutely free! Download the DEMO version for your device:

ROQED Software Licenses:

There are two types of licenses available to teachers in the ROQED 3D Science software:

  1. 3D Science for one teacher for 365 days (code: RQD_RSP-001)
  2. 3D Science and Virtual School Physics Laboratory for one teacher for 365 days (with: RQD_RSP1_RPP1)

3D science



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