Using 3D Science in Distance Learning

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Training on how to use the 3D Science program in distance learning. During the training, the navigation of the program, existing topics and models are reviewed. It also shows you how to create presentations and test tasks.
The training can be conducted in both Estonian and Russian.

3D Science Overview

3D Science is a high-quality visual and interactive software created for the learning process, which can cover the following LTT topics: science, biology, chemistry, physics and geography. 3D Science software can be used by both teachers and students.

Purpose of the training

The purpose of the training is to show teachers how to use the 3D Science program (including how they could use it in their subject lessons).

Learning outcomes

As a result of the training, lecturers are able to use the 3D Science program – they are able to find relevant models, they are able to disassemble and reassemble models, they are able to create presentations and test tasks about models. At the end of the training, they have an idea of how to use the 3D Science program in their subject lessons.

Time and place

The training takes place according to the agreement in the Zoom environment.

Target group

In particular, the training is aimed at teachers of the following subjects: science, biology, geography, physics and chemistry.
We are also waiting for LTT (natural and exact science) hobby group instructors for the training.

Language of training

The training can be completed in both Estonian and Russian (the desired language must be indicated when ordering).

Volume of training

The training lasts 45 minutes.

How to order training?

The training can be ordered by sending a request or writing your request to Please provide the following information in the application:
– First and last name
– Telephone no
– Name of the institution
– The number of participants
– Topics (science, biology, geography, physics, chemistry, other)
– Language






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