You can find the product code by opening additional information about the product.

Frequently asked Questions

Different manufacturers have different warranty periods. For example, the warranty period for PASCO Scientific products is 5 years. Some sensitive PASCO Scientific sensor batteries have a lifespan of 2 years, this is stated in the user manual and battery replacement is not covered by the warranty (this includes batteries).

To receive the price of the goods, you must add the goods you are interested in to the quotation request.

After submitting a quote request, will send you a quote for the requested products.

Examples of how PASCO products can be used in LTT and technology subject classes can be found in a webinar «STEM and BYOD: Using SPARKvue software at school» or, which can be found in the “RESOURCES” submenu of the main menu. «Collection of Methodological manuals» .

Yes, you can order products from our partners through that are not available in the STE online store.

If the customer is already familiar with the prices of the desired products and accepts them, the order will be sent for processing and the customer will be sent an invoice. The ordered goods will reach the customer within the specified delivery time.

If the customer is not aware of the prices of products and wants to receive a quote, he must fill in the request for quotation. Upon receipt of the request, prepares a corresponding price offer and forwards it to the customer. After the customer accepts the price offer, an invoice is prepared and the order is sent for processing. The ordered goods will reach the customer within the time period indicated in the invoice. products can be purchased through the online store or by contacting via e-mail.

The e-mail for placing orders is ask [@]

When submitting an order by e-mail, the following information must be indicated: first and last name of the customer or the name of the institution and the codes of the desired goods. As additional information, it is good to indicate the customer’s telephone number (when ordering, we need it to deliver the ordered goods).

If you found a product on our partner page and you are not sure where the code is, send a screenshot of the desired product or a working link to that product.

You can add items to the quote request by clicking the “Ask for a quote” button.

Frequently asked Questions

For example, if you want to buy a pH sensor for chemistry classes, you can apply as follows:

1 – On the home page, select “Chemistry” in the “PRODUCTS” menu and below it.

Frequently asked Questions

2 – On the opened page, search for the pH sensor and press “Add to request” or open additional information about the sensor and click on the “Ask for a quote” button.

Frequently asked Questions

3 – After adding the pH sensor to the application, the following information is displayed: «The product was added to the quotation request. Browse the price request list >> ». To open the application, click “Browse price inquiry list >>”.

Frequently asked Questions

4 – On the opened page “Request a quote for teaching aids” you can change the desired amount of pH sensors and supplement your application with a message.

Frequently asked Questions

5 – To send the request, click on the «Send request» button.

If you want to receive a price offer only for the goods that are not in the online store, write your request to the e-mail ask [@] or fill in the form «About us» -> «Contacts» . See the question “What information must be entered when ordering via e-mail or contact form?” To find out exactly what information must be entered.

Check your inbox for a spam folder, there may be an invoice there.

If you have just accepted the quote or accepted it outside of’s opening hours, you should still wait – the invoice simply could not be sent.

If enough time has elapsed since the acceptance of the price offer and the invoice has not yet arrived, it is worth writing us an e-mail to ask [@] or calling +372 6 415 551.

Contact us by e-mail ask [@] or by phone +372 6 415 551.

We will do our best to send you a quotation as soon as possible. In general, it doesn’t take more than 1 business day to prepare a quote (unless it’s a large bid request).

It is possible to receive the order by courier or pick it up yourself ( office is located in Tallinn, Kotzebue 8 street).

Delivery time depends on the availability of products in stock. If the goods are in stock, they will be sent within 1-3 days after payment of the invoice.

If the ordered goods are not in stock, the delivery time may be 4-6 weeks (for example, for PASCO Scientific products).

For more information, call +372 6 415 551 or email ask [@]

Virtual goods will be sent to the customer’s e-mail within 1-5 working days after payment of the invoice.


Our office is located in Tallinn, Kotzebue 8 street.

Yes, we run free webinars for teachers. All webinars we offer can be found in the “RESOURCES” submenu of the main menu “Training”.

Yes, it is possible. This training is named «STEM and BYOD: Using SPARKvue software at school» and can be found in the “RESOURCES” submenu of the main menu “Training”.

Open the corresponding registration link via the online store (usually in the additional information of the webinar) or via the social network.

There are several ways to cancel your participation in a webinar:
1 – Confirmation of participation in the webinar will be sent to your e-mail immediately after registration. Find this confirmation and click on the unsubscribe link.
2 – write a cancellation request to our e-mail ask [@] The letter must include the e-mail and first and last name you registered with.

Additional information can be obtained by writing your question by e-mail ask [@] or by calling +372 6 415 551.

Still. If you want to buy something from our store as a natural person then let us know when quoting or preparing an invoice.

We can only pay by bank transfer.

The goods cannot be returned. Please be careful when ordering.
If you are not sure about your order, you can contact us and we will arrange a demo for you to get acquainted with the technology.