Update: The campaign has been extended until 21.06.2022 (incl).

Want to diversify your lessons? Then you may be interested in our campaign “Footon + Footon = Study Cards”, in the framework of which you can get free Footon study cards worth 60 EUR!

Photon Robot for Education (PH_01)

Photon + Photon = Photon cards

The photon is a robot with 10 different sensors that allows children to combine social, emotional, and STEM (STEAM) learning. Organize group work with the Photon robot, learning cards, and app to teach children grammar, stimulate thinking, and practice attention and concentration.

Photon cards (PH-CRD-EE)

Photon + Photon = Photon cards

The set of photon study cards consists of several different categories of cards, for example, there are cards with emotions, things and activities, symbols, numbers, the Estonian alphabet, geometric shapes, colors and positions (front, back).

A total of 197 study cards in Estonian are included.

Campaign «Photon + Photon = Photon cards»

Using the campaign code «PH01STE» you can buy 2 x Footon educational robots and Footon study cards for 438 EUR. The campaign lasts until 21.06.2022 (incl.) or until the goods continue.

How to place an order?

  1. Open Photon Robot For Education
  2. Click the «Add to quote» button
  3. Change the number of educational robots in the Photon application (before 1, after 2) and update the application by clicking the «Refresh the list» button
  4. Fill in the required fields (first and last name, educational institution, e-mail)
  5. Enter the campaign code PH01STE in the message box
  6. Click the button «Send request»

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