Are you a speech therapist or private teacher and do kindergarten and school proofreading work and have considered diversifying your lessons? Then for you will be interesting offer about the educational robot Photon and Photon study cards.

Photon Robot for Education (PH_01)

The photon is a programmable robot with 10 different sensors that allow children to combine social, emotional, and STEAM learning. With the Photon four apps, children can learn the basics of IT and develop their creativity and logical thinking while playing.

The price of Educational Photon robot is 219 198€* (including VAT).

Photon cards (PH-CRD-EE)

“Pictograms and AAC”, “Emotions, Objects and Activities” – these and several other categories of learning cards are available in the Photon Learning Card Kit. The set of Photon study cards includes 197 cards in Estonian.

The price of Photon study cards is 60 € * (including VAT).

* The price is valid until 27.04.2022.

How to place an order?

  1. Open Photon Educational robot and Photon cards pages.
  2. Click the “Add to quote” button to place an order.
  3. In the window that opens, fill in all the required fields and click the “Send Request” button.
  4. A quote will be sent to your email.

Order before 27.04.2022 and get the Photon Educational robot for a good price of 198 € (including VAT)!

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