Funtronic Floor is an interactive education tool. It is like a magic carpet allow to change the educational environment in seconds. The playing area is 2 by 3 meters.

As usual nowadays educational tools are a combination of the device itself and software. And educational software for Funtronic developed with a gamification approach. It makes study fun. Projected to the floor surface plot involves the player in interaction and making quick decisions as in life. Built-in motion detection system is very quick and responsive, so participant feels interaction with an imaginary object like with real ones. The variety of studying subject limited by installed programs. Some of them dedicated to educational games, some to activities for coordination and fast reaction training.

For instance, some called Funtronic great motivation tool, obviously, because everybody like to play. That’s Why Funtronic used not only in kindergartens, schools or museums but also in rehabilitation hospitals and retired houses.

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